AVLabs is a research laboratory of innovation.

The lab provides Research and Development services in material chemistry related projects. The laboratory scientists and researchers support our customer research and development needs from scientific innovations to applied solutions. It is our mission and strategy to focus on advancing our customer goals and for that reason we attribute all the intellectual properties solely to our customer.

Our research and development capabilities allow us to develop and advance our customer’s technologies more effectively through the full research and development life cycle, from basic scientific research through applied research and engineering, through testing, scale-up, and demonstration. It is a critical part of our mission to transfer the developed technologies to pilot and full industrial scale realization.

AVLabs world-class staff and facilities are recognized and valued by industry, as demonstrated through many research projects with our customers.
AVLabs R&D areas of expertise
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Our Patents
WO2011095978 / 2011-08-11
Methods for the separation of a non-volatile strong acid from a salt thereof and composition produced thereby.
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WO 2011 095977 / 2011-08-11
Methods for the separation of HCL from chloride salt and composition produced thereby.
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