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AVLabs is a research laboratory of innovation. Founded in 1991, AVLabs provide research and development services for material chemistry projects with particular emphasis on separation technologies, formulations and printing and coating technologies.

Brainstorming. Exploratory. Feasibility.
We apply our expertise to supply breakthrough solutions. 
With our interdisciplinary team and diverse scientific and technological expertise, AVLabs constantly innovate. Once a need or a vision is approached, it is put through a development process of –Brainstorming-Exploratory-Feasibility that produces the path to the product.
At AVLabs we provide toolbox for innovation at developed and emerging technologies. Positioned at the front of science and technology, we work through pioneering to proof of concept and prototype product development.
Applied Vision
We believe that innovation start with an insight into a need or by applied vision. At AVLabs workplace we harness creativity and innovation for supplying solutions to our customers. 

Interpersonal Chemistry
It is crucial that we work together with companies that are complementary to AVLabs and share our vision. AVLabs is leveraging its deep competences, know-how and IP to work with selected companies and organizations. 
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