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Biotechnology enables genetic engineering of microorganisms to produce an increasing number of fermentation products to be used in various applications. Biotechnological production is attractive in using renewable material as feedstock and in being conduced at about ambient temperatures. Yet, due to product inhibition, the concentration of the product in the fermentation liquor is quite low.
In addition the generated fermentation liquor is contaminated with residual fermentation nutrients and fermentation co-product.

Concentration and purification of dilute aqueous solutions of products is energy consuming and quite expensive. That is particularly true for products of relatively high solubility in water and ones of relatively low volatility. Fermentation liquors provide a specific example.

AVLabs is continuously involved in developing new processes for the purification and concentration of difficult-to-separate fermentation products. We focus on the purification and concentration in a process that is of relatively low cost, economic in energy use and is environmentally friendly. Among our customers one could find CARGILL, TATE & LYLE, AMYLUM, STALEY, MSG, as well as, early stage start-up companies.

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