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The present invention provides a process for the recovery of solutes from a first aqueous solution comprising equilibrating said first aqueous solution with a first low water miscibility solvent at a temperature higher than room temperature so as to form at least one second solvent phase that is water-rich and low in solutes, and a second further optionally aqueous phase containing said solutes, wherein the temperature of the solutes-water-solvent system is adjusted to a zone of the system, defined as the inversion distribution temperature zone, lying between 30°C below the CST of said water-solvent system and 5O°C above the CST of said system, characterized in that said second solvent phase is separated from said second further phase and cooled to induce at least one separation of a third aqueous phase and a third solvent phase from said second solvent phase and wherein solvent from said third solvent phase is recycled for equilibration with said first aqueous phase.

VITNER, Asher; (IL).
JANSEN, Robert; (PT).
BANIEL, Avraham; (IL).

VITNER, Asher [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
JANSEN, Robert [US/PT]; (PT) (US Only).
BANIEL, Avraham [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).

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