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The present invention provides a titanium dioxide composition comprising nano- sized particles said particles being characterized by: (i) being comprised essentially of anatase; (ii) having a mean size, according to XRD, of Lx, a mean size, according to SEM, of Ls, and a mean size distribution in suspension of Ln, wherein the ratio (Rs) of Ls/Lx is in the range of between 1.2 and 10, or wherein the ratio (RN ) of Ln/Lx is in the range of between 1.2 and 12, or both; and at least one of: (Ni) demonstrating photo catalytic activity (PCA (vis)) which is greater than 2.5; and (iv) demonstrating specific photo catalytic activity (SPCA(vis)) in the range greater than 0.22.

VITNER, Asher; (IL).
EYAL, Aharon; (IL).
BAIDOSSI, Mubeen; (IL).
MUHALWES, Montaser; (IL).
EYAL, Erez; (IL).

JOMA INTERNATIONAL AS [NO/NO]; N-7898 Limingen (NO) (All Except US).
VITNER, Asher [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
EYAL, Aharon [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
BAIDOSSI, Mubeen [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
MUHALWES, Montaser [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
EYAL, Erez [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only)..

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