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The invention provides process for the production of aspartic acid comprising the steps of: (a) forming an aqueous solution containing diammonium fumarate, using per mole of diammonium fumarate about two moles of an ammonia source, a part of which is recycled from a step of the present process; (b) adjusting the composition of an aqueous solution containing diammonium fumarate obtained through a step of the present process to form a solution having a concentration of about 0.5M to about 2M ammonium fumarate and having a pH of about between 7 and 9; (c) enzymatically converting diammonium fumarate in the adjusted aqueous solution into monoammonium aspartate; (d) acidulating a solution containing the monoammonium aspartate by contacting with a cation exchanger which is at least partially in its acid form, at an elevated temperature of at least 50 °C, whereby ammonium ions are transferred from the solution to the cation exchanger and protons are transferred from the cation exchanger to the solution thereby forming aspartic acid therein; (e) separating the aspartic acid containing aqueous solution from the ammonium ion-carrying cation exchanger; (f) separating the aspartic acid from the aqueous solution formed in step (e) by methods known per se; (g) regenerating the ammonium ion-carrying cation exchanger back to a cation exchanger which is at least partially in its acid form in a method that forms an ammonia source; (h) separating and reusing the converted cation exchanger in step (d); and (i) separating and reusing the ammonia source in step (a).

EYAL, Aharon, Meir; (IL).
VITNER, Asher; (IL).
CAMI, Pierre; (FR).
JANSEN, Robert; (BE).
JARRY, Bruno; (FR).
LECOMTE, Didier; (FR).
SCOTT, Jean; (FR).
CHATTAWAY, Thomas; (BE).

AMYLUM BELGIUM N.V. [BE/BE]; Burchtstraat 10, B-9300 Aalst (BE) (US Only).
A.E. STALEY MANUFACTURING CO. [US/US]; 2200 East Eldorado Street, Decatur, IL 62525 (US) (US Only).
EYAL, Aharon, Meir [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
VITNER, Asher [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
CAMI, Pierre [FR/FR]; (FR) (US Only).
JANSEN, Robert [US/BE]; (BE) (US Only).
JARRY, Bruno [FR/FR]; (FR) (US Only).
LECOMTE, Didier [FR/FR]; (FR) (US Only).
SCOTT, Jean [FR/FR]; (FR) (US Only).
CHATTAWAY, Thomas [FR/BE]; (BE) (US Only).
VAN LANCKER, Frank [BE/BE]; (BE) (US Only).

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