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A method for the production of purified proteins with controlled isoflavones content is disclosed. The method includes providing a plant material containing at least one protein, at least one sugar and at least one isoflavone. The method also includes solubilizing the at least one sugar; and (c) separating the at least one solubilized sugar while at pH of between about pI + 0.2 and about pI + 7.5 , where pI is the isoelectric point of the protein, to form an isoflavone-containing purified protein stream and a sugar-containing stream. An isoflavones-containing purified product is also disclosed.

PURTLE, Ian; (US).
EYAL, Aharon; (IL).
VITNER, Asher; (IL).

PURTLE, Ian [US/US]; (US) (US Only).
EYAL, Aharon [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
VITNER, Asher [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).

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