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Disclosed are a new composite material and a process for synthesizing highly charged, highly monodisperse, core-shell particles with high refractive index cores, as well as stable, long lasting crystalline colloidal arrays (CCAs) formed thereof. A preferred embodiment of the core particle can be highly monodisperse zinc sulfide (ZnS) particles and a preferred embodiment of the shell can be highly charged polyelectrolytes. The CCAs formed thereof are charge stabilized photonic crystals that shows distinctive first and second order Bragg diffraction peaks whose locations vary over a wide spectral region from UV through visible to IR, with unusually strong intensity and broad band width due to the high index of refraction. These high refractive index particles are useful in applications such as optical filters, optical coatings, cosmetics and photonic crystals sensors and devices.

BEN-MOSHE, Matti; (IL).
ASHER, Sanford, A.; (US).
QU, Dan; (US).
LUO, Jia; (US).

BEN-MOSHE, Matti [IL/IL]; (IL) (US Only).
ASHER, Sanford, A. [US/US]; (US) (US Only).
QU, Dan [CN/US]; (US) (US Only).
LUO, Jia [CN/US]; (US) (US Only).
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